As in previous years, we have decided to forego presents for our business partners and instead donate 1,500 euros to Aktion Deutschland Hilft e. V. The deadly 2021 floods in Germany damaged or destroyed numerous homes. Winter is approaching and the need for new heating systems is great. Some flood victims have to wait months

Finding new ways for road traffic

A KITO ER2 electric chain hoist is combined with a vacuum lifter to upgrade the production of traffic signs In Germany, there are over 500 traffic signs but only a few companies have a manufacturing license for them. The criteria for the appearance and the condition of the signs are clearly defined, and the construction

KITO working underground

Maximum performance at a depth of 800 meters! KITO ER2 electric chain hoists build a new bunker in a rock salt plant In Germany, rock salt and potash salt are extracted from salt mines. High-quality salts are important for the everyday life throughout Europe and are used in many areas. Salt is used as fertilizer


ProKASRO stands for progressive sewer rehabilitation robotics and develops customized solutions for exactly this kind of work. In search of a reliable partner in the field of hoists up to 100 kg load capacity for the equipment of new vehicles and retrofits for used sewer rehabilitation companies, ProKASRO came across KITO. The chain hoist must