At the end of this year, we are looking back on a difficult business year that nobody could have seen coming! As in previous years, we have decided to forgo presents for our business partners and to donate 1,500 EUR to the Düsseldorfer Kindertafel instead. Many families can no longer afford school lunches and deregister
KITO EQ and KITO ER2 electric chain hoists are the new team members at KAMAZ Russian manufacturer KAMAZ is one of the leading producers of trucks, buses and special vehicles in the world. The company wins every race in the business – not only because it regularly tops the charts of the leading truck manufacturers,
KITO SHER2M electric chain hoist lifts pumps in a water-recycling plant Efficient wastewater treatment is a demanding task. It takes years to design and build a recycling plant to the highest standards. The plants are an important part of the drinking water production and must always comply with the latest environmental regulations. Modern wastewater treatment
On July 1, 2020, Kito Corporation (KITO) acquired through its wholly owned subsidiary Kito Europe GmbH all remaining shares of the Dutch company Van Leusden B.V.. Since April 2018, 37.5 % of the shares have been held by the Japanese hoist and crane manufacturer KITO. Van Leusden B.V. now operates under the brand name KITO