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KITO’s new product: CX010 hand chain block with 1 ton load capacity

Extremely lightweight, perfect load handling and precise load positioning – this is the KITO CX hand chain block series in a nutshell. The hoists are easy to carry, easy to handle and fit in tight spaces, that’s why they fit perfectly for repair, assembly, or maintenance work. In 2022, the CX hand chain block will be available with a load capacity of 1,000 kg in addition to the 250 kg and 500 kg capacities.

Launching the KITO CX010 with 1 ton load capacity, KITO is answering a great demand for its compact hand chain block. Almost all users choose a hand chain block for mobile applications by two criteria, the dead weight and the load capacity, because you need as little weight as possible and as much power as possible at the same time. On this account, the small and compact KITO CX will now be available in three different versions. The newest one, KITO CX010, weights 7.3 kg and has a load capacity of 1 ton, offering many application options with heavy loads.

Proven quality with new features

The KITO CX010 is designed as the big brother of the CX005 (500 kg capacity) embracing agility, compactness and reliability for precise lifting processes. Just like the smaller models, the compact housing is made of lightweight but resistant aluminium. On the inside, it is equipped with a high-quality, two-stage precision gear: a heat-treated steel frame serves as a stable bearing for the gearwheels, while the gearwheels themselves are cold-forged for maximum and constant performance. The chain sprocket is high-quality casted and precisely matched to the gearbox so that KITO’s nickel-plated load chain is carried flawlessly. Altogether, a small but strong construction.

To ensure safe use, KITO has considered all possible risks during the product development of the KITO CX010. As small hand chain blocks are often transported and used in several places, the new ‘Twist Checker’ is part of the standard equipment. It is a small tool to determine quickly and easily if the load chain is twisted or if the hoist can be used directly and a genuine improvement for the daily work routine.

Safety from the very first production step

New KITO CX with 1 ton load capacity is equipped with an overload limiter as standard and designed to ensure maximum security during use. However, the top quality of the KITO CX010 starts with the manufacturing process. Instead of a complex manufacturing line, it is put together by one expert who is digitally guided step by step. In addition, cameras scan every movement during the construction and immediately detect if a component is assembled incorrectly. The best KITO quality for the new KITO CX010 right from the start!

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