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Lifting gear food / Beverages / Pharma

Lifting gear Food / Beverages / Pharma

When transporting heavy items in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, it is essential that the lifting equipment used does not contaminate food, liquids and medicines. We at KITO know this challenge and with our ER2 Food Grade we offer the optimal solution for the problem.

The ER2 Food Grade is our solution.

NSF H1 compliant food grade grease and oil H1 certified lubricants

Even if the lifting equipment is cleaned and used properly, it can happen that some lubricant drips onto the goods from time to time. For this reason, we only use NSF H1 certified lubricants. Thus, we guarantee the purity of your goods and you can start production without losses and worries.

Durability through outstanding quality

We use only the best and most durable materials for all our lifting equipment. What’s more, with 85 years of experience, we know exactly which small details are important in production. Through this combination of know-how and the best material, we provide you with a product that does its job optimally and for a long time.

Individually tailored to your needs

Every company is different. And so the demands on a hoist are very different. To meet the needs of your operation, we offer various options and accessories for the ER2 Food Grade.

These options are available

White epoxy lacquer coating
Lower hook with white epoxy lacquer coating
Hook-eye safety catch made of stainless steel
Nickel-plated or stainless steel components
Corrosion-resistant load hook from stainless steel
Bounce rubber and chain stopper made of stainless steel
Bounce rubber and chain stopper made of stainless steel
Chain spring and Boundary plate made of stainless steel
Corrosion-resistant wheels made of stainless steel
Lateral guide rollers (MR2) made of stainless steel
Nickel-plated suspension bolt & connector

These accessories are available

Stainless steel chain container
Plastic chain container
Canvas chain container
Silicone cover for the control switch

Your ER2 Wind Hoist could look like this

Motorised trolley
Food approved lubricants
(according to NSF H1)
Epoxy lacquer coating
Stainless steel chain container
Grade T nickel-plated load chain
Corrosion resistant load hook
Chain stopper

How to purchase the ER2 Food Grade

The ER2 Wind Hoist from KITO is available from numerous dealers in various countries. To find a sales partner near you, simply click here.

We would be happy to advise you on our industry solutions in a personal meeting.

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