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Simplicity you can trust.

Our RX Electric Wire Rope Hoist

RX Electric Wire Rope Hoist


1.000 kg – 50.000 kg

Environmental conditions

-10 °C to + 40 °C


< 80 %

Back to simplicity. The new RX electric wire rope hoist impresses with flexibility and fits any application. With no secrets. Electrical execution free from any passwords.
  • All components easily accessible, thus extremely maintenance-friendly
  • Robust design with solid technology, built to last
  • Flexibly adaptable in and on new and existing plants

01. More than standard

Foot hoist
Upright or hanging
Foot hoist
Foot hoist without trolley. For loads from 1,000 kg up to 50,000 kg.
Monorail underbelt cat
Always works
Monorail underbelt cat
Electric Wire Rope Hoist with monorail trolley in normal headroom. For loads from 1,000 kg up to 32,000 kg.
Two-rail cat
Double? Of course!
Two-rail cat
Electric Wire Rope Hoist with double rail trolley. For loads from 1,000 kg to 50,000 kg in standing or suspended design. Version S2-S4. Only in upright version for loads from 20,000 kg to 25,000 kg 2-fold reeved and for loads from 40,000 kg to 50,000 kg 4-fold reeved. Also available as double hoist with capacities up to 100,000 kg.
Monorail trolley short type
Short but crisp
Monorail trolley short type
Electric Wire Rope Hoist with low headroom monorail trolley. For loads from 1,000 kg up to 16,000 kg.
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02. Your benefits​

Almost immortal
Robust design
All components are designed for durability and ease of maintenance. Decades of experience and continuous development make the RX Electric Wire Rope Hoist a reliable partner for moving your loads.
To the moon
Planetary gear
The extremely robust planetary gearbox, which is provided with lifetime lubrication, is easily accessible and guarantees optimum power transmission between the hoist motor and the rope drum.
Heavy, heavier, overload protection
Electronic overload protection
Two cut-off points protect the hoist and all components directly affected by the load from overload (performance level C).
Construction of the monorail trolleys
The monorail trolley design allows the hoist to operate directly under and parallel to the crane or crane runway. The hoist is directly connected to the trolley. Here, too, all components are freely accessible, which guarantees ease of maintenance.
Rope guide ring
Aye aye, captain
Three-part rope guide ring with compression spring
The pressure spring ensures that the rope lies correctly in the drum groove and prevents it from falling out when the rope is slack. The guide ring always keeps the rope in the correct position.
Full power
The wheels
The wheels of the two-rail trolley are equipped with double flanges and high-quality ball bearings, and the two driven wheels have a direct power connection with the self-braking gearmotors. Easy to maintain, designed for durability, allows the best power transmission between wheels and trolley bar.
Low but mighty!
The trolley
The low profile trolley includes two traction motors mounted on planetary gearboxes. The power transmission of the gearboxes is directly to the impeller axles.
Electric engine
Full control
The electric motor
The three-phase asynchronous electric motor with cylindrical rotor is available with one speed as well as with two. The single-stage motor can be equipped with a frequency converter to enable smooth lifting and lowering movements and precise positioning of the load.
Disc brake
Braking power ahead
The disc brake
The generously dimensioned disc brake acts directly on the rotor shaft, so that the braking force is transmitted extremely effectively.
Displacement armature motor
Smart options
Displacement armature motor
Optionally, a sliding anchor motor with one or two speeds and cone brake is available. The axial displacement of the rotor provides the function of the brake. The braking torque is provided by the axially mounted coil spring.

03. A bit more needed?​

Optionally, the RX is available with a radio remote control. This is a lightweight, compact and robust solution. Functions and performance can be optimised according to the required application.
As another available option, our electric wire rope hoist can be equipped with a load collective storage. The display can be mounted both in the control cabinet and in the control cabinet door. This way, the display is visible from the outside.
As a special application, the RX is also available in a synchronisation version. This is particularly important wherever tilting of a load must be prevented at all costs.

04. Everywhere in use​

The RX Electric Wire Rope Hoist is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications in an industrial environment.
  • Production facilities
  • Repair shops
  • Plant engineering & production lines
  • Marine equipment
  • Maintenance & servicing

05. Technical data​

1.000 kg and 50.000 kg
Rope strands
2 or 4 rope strands, reeving 2/1, 4/1 or 4/2
Lifting speed
Lifting speeds from 1.5 m/min to 12 m/min
Single-stage, two-stage, frequency-controlled
Operating voltage
380–440 V, 50–60 Hz, 3 phases
Isolation class
IP 55 – IP 66 (optional)
Control voltage
42 V, 110 V as standard, 24 V, 48 V, 230 V as option
Planetary gear
Three-phase asynchronous motor, optional sliding armature motor

06. Digital support​


Everything at a glance
KITO RX series
In this video we present our KITO RX Electric Wire Rope Hoist. Experience our KITO RX up close. You can find more videos on our KITO MediaHub.



Technical drawings​