Electric wire rope hoists

The electric wire rope hoist from KITO impresses with flexibility and fits every application

Choose a KITO electric wire rope hoist if you want to rely on a precision-operated instrument capable of carrying heavy loads weighing up to 50 tonnes. You can operate the electric wire rope hoist separately or integrate it as a component in an already existing installation. Other key features of the electric wire rope hoist include its ease of maintenance and compact design. This is not only space-saving, but also extraordinarily robust. Durability was the main focus in the development of the electric wire rope hoist. This also applies if you use the model in industrial plants where the systems are in use 24 hours a day in shift operation. The integration into new systems or into an already existing system is extremely flexible. This also applies if you want to combine components from different manufacturers for a complex system in order to achieve maximum performance.

KITO electric wire rope hoist

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Electric wire rope hoists

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Electric wire rope hoist mode of operation

The functioning of an electric wire rope hoist is explained quite simply. The system consists of a hoist and what is called the trolley. This is the area where the hook to which you attach the loads moves back and forth. The system is equipped with two electric drives. One drive is responsible for the lifting movement, the second drive for the travel of the trolley. The systems work silently. The electric motors are quiet, durable and maintenance-free. You can also use the electric wire rope hoist in systems with continuous operation without having to fear a restriction of the function.

KITO wire rope hoists are subject to the highest quality characteristics. These are due to the holistic development of the products, which already starts with the planning of the electric wire rope hoists by our engineers. Production is carried out with the aim of preparing the electric wire rope hoists for tasks with the highest requirements. After purchase and during installation, you as a customer can benefit from the excellent KITO after-sales service. This applies to all hoist products from KITO. It does not end with the warranty, but also applies for the time afterwards. You can rely on the quality and safety for as long as you want to keep KITO electric wire rope hoists in use.

Frequently asked questions

The lifting speeds depend on the model you want to use individually or integrate into your system. They range from five metres per minute to twelve metres per minute. You have the option of controlling the speed manually.

All KITO electric wire rope hoists are equipped with various safety mechanisms. On the one hand, there is an electronic fuse against overload. If the weight is exceeded, the electric wire rope hoist issues a message. The system cannot be started or it stops. The overload protection measures at two different switching points.
Overheating protection for the hoist motor is another area that ensures that the
system stops automatically. This ensures that the motor cannot burn out. This would be tantamount to a defect that could only be remedied by replacing the motor.

This depends on the type of construction. We offer four different models in the KITO range. These lift loads that move between 1,000 kg and 50 tonnes. Find out in advance which type you can realise in your system. The load that the system can carry depends on the type of construction.

Yes, that is possible. If you want to add an electric hoist to your installation, the KITO RX is ideal. It is compact, made of a durable material and extremely robust. It can be integrated into an existing installation if it is a new construction. If you would like to supplement an older production facility with a modern electronic wire rope hoist, this is easily possible with the model from KITO.

Yes, you can choose from four different models. These differ not only in their design, but also in the load they can lift. The load capacity and the type of construction are closely related. The classic foot hoist can be installed in an upright or suspended position. It carries loads ranging from 1,000 kg to 50 tonnes.

If you need a single-rail underslung trolley, the load is between 1,000 kg and 36 tonnes. The double rail trolley can carry loads that move between 1,000 kg and 50 tonnes. Here, however, it depends on the type of installation. Should you decide on a double hoist loads of up to 100 tonnes are possible. The monorail trolley is also part of the range. With this type of construction you can move loads of up to up to 16 tons.

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