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The lever hoists from KITO impresses with the high performance

Thus, it is ideally suited to the difficult challenges of industry. Every lever hoist from KITO reflects more than 80 years of experience in the development and manufacture of lifting equipment for industry and trade.

KITO lever hoists are designed for safety and reliability from the very first idea. Planning, production and service KITO leaves nothing to chance and ensures the best possible safety and reliability with a strict quality assurance system and certifications according to international standards.

KITO lever hoists are available in various designs for different application situations. Optional features such as a freewheel function, chain locks or special lashing hooks for use in shipbuilding offer maximum flexibility. High-quality components such as fine-toothed, two-stage gears enable KITO hoists of the LB series to have a load capacity of up to 9,000 kilograms despite their compact design. KITO lever hoists are always safe to operate, even under heavy loads, thanks to reliable load fall protection and other safety precautions.

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Lever hoist mode of operation

The mode of operation of a lever hoist from KITO is similar to that of a belt tensioner for load securing belts. In a lever hoist, torque is transmitted via a lever to a drive shaft and the ratchet connected to the drive shaft. From the ratchet, a tractive force is exerted via a gearbox on a chain that is connected to the load to be lifted or secured. By means of different gear ratios and lever lengths, lifting forces of up to 9,000 kilos can be achieved with a lever hoist, and up to 50,000 kg with products of the CB series.

Each lever hoist is equipped with an idling function, the so-called KITO Original freewheel, which allows the unloaded chain to be moved quickly to the desired position. A load brake or load pressure brake prevents the chain and load from moving unintentionally. Lever hoists can be used to lift loads and tighten transport belts. They are always operated manually. Unlike chain hoists, lever hoists can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Thanks to the advantages mentioned, lever hoists are often used in mining, shipbuilding, or in agriculture and forestry for pulling and lifting heavy loads.

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Frequently asked questions

KITO LB Lever Hoists can lift loads weighing up to 9,000 kg, CB series products up to 50,000 kg.

At KITO, compliance with the highest safety requirements for lever hoists begins during the planning stage. Modern quality management processes, a strict quality assurance system and certification according to international standards including DGUV-GS certification (tested safety) guarantee reliability and maximum safety for users worldwide.

KITO lever hoists are used wherever heavy loads have to be lifted or secured. Typical areas of application are agriculture and forestry, shipbuilding and mining.

Yes, the load chains of all KITO lever hoists are well protected against corrosion by electroless nickel plating. KITO is the only manufacturer in the world to use this process for corrosion protection of load chains. Further advantages of electroless nickel plating are reduced wear and hydrogen embrittlement. The service life of the chains is significantly extended.

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