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Electric wire rope hoists

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Electric Chain Hoists

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Electric Chain Hoists

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Manual Chain Hoists

Electric chain hoists

Developed for eternity. The electric hoists are designed for maximum performance and durability – even under the most difficult conditions. Their smooth, quiet operation and minimal vibration creates a pleasant working environment and extends the life of the hoist. The electric wish kit leaves no questions unanswered.

Manual chain hoists

The manual chain hoists prove their unsurpassed pulling power under the most extreme conditions. Exceptionally high-quality components make these durable workhorses that are second to none in extreme temperatures from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C – whether in the coldest north or in blazing deserts.

Lever hoists

The lever hoists set an entirely new, industry-leading benchmark by being smaller, lighter and stronger than probably any other lever hoists on the market. Their material strength has been proven under the most brutal conditions in an endless number of applications. They really get going in freezing cold or scorching heat from -40° C to +60° C.

Trolleys & Accessories

Trolleys play an essential role in moving loads from one place to another. This is done using three main methods, i.e. rolling, reel and electric trolleys. In many cases it is also important to have a fixed anchorage point, for example on a beam using a so-called beam clamp.

Nobody throws away a KITO hoist. In offshore applications, the average life cycle of a KITO hoist is often longer than a decade. In offshore applications, the average life cycle of a KITO hoist is often longer than a decade. Where others are buried in the cemetery and often become a danger to the environment, KITO hoists are repaired.

KITO is one of the few companies in the world that not only manufactures hoists but also its own load chains. This symbiosis of hoist and chain ensures the best possible safety, durability and efficiency. The standard use of nickel-plated load chains is unique worldwide.

Special solutions

The requirement to organise internal processes in a favourable, flexible and economical manner is fundamentally independent of the industry. It is crucial that each solution is optimally tailored to the needs of the individual company. KITO is one of the few manufacturers able to offer a comprehensive range of lifting equipment.