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How efficient electric chain hoists build powerful trucks in Russia

KITO EQ and KITO ER2 electric chain hoists are the new team members at KAMAZ
Russian manufacturer KAMAZ is one of the leading producers of trucks, buses and special vehicles in the world. The company wins every race in the business – not only because it regularly tops the charts of the leading truck manufacturers, but also because the works team is ruling the truck
class at the legendary Dakar rally for over 25 years.

“Go East”: A new project for KITO, experienced quality for KAMAZ

KAMAZ leads one of the largest truck markets – Russia – and is furthermore growing in the heavy truck sector. Due to its exemplary quality management, every single process in the KAMAZ truck manufacturing is running smoothly, safely and efficiently. In 2020, the KAMAZ team welcomed two new staff members: the powerful KITO ER2 and the efficient KITO EQ electric chain hoist.

Heavy weights are handled at every stage of the truck production process: from pressing the side parts, to screwing the elements, composing the driver’s cab, assembling the axles, and final inspection. Some of these heavy weights are the flat metals which are used to form the driver’s cab. They can only be transported with the help of lifting equipment. At KAMAZ, this is handled by the KITO EQ electric chain hoist, an efficient and powerful hoist for every production hall, and a KITO ERIKKILA PROSYSTEM jib crane. The KITO EQ moves the load extremely smooth and positions the metal sheets precisely in the production machine due to its high-quality frequency converter (integrated as standard). The working efficiency is significantly improved by the 1.3 higher lifting speed up to 30% of the working load limit. Other high-standard safety features are also included.

Due to the proven quality, KAMAZ has also decided to use the Japanese premium hoists for other production steps. The company ordered KITO ER2 electric chain hoists via the KITO partners LLC LCS and OOO Gruzopodyemnye Sistemy. After testing various types, it was a quick decision to implement the KITO ER2 for the precise positioning of the driver’s cab onto the truck frame. The KITO ER2 is equipped with a carbon friction clutch and an electromagnetic brake for safe and user-friendly load handling. Load capacities from 125 kg up to 20,000 kg are possible and ensure that the KITO ER2 is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Guaranteed safety when handling heavy loads

KITO electric chain hoists secure the lifting and lowering of heavy truck parts – and thus these production steps become more efficient. A smooth, reliable speed control and a trouble-free operation is achieved in combination with KITO ERIKKILA PROSYSTEM cranes. Maximum safety is ensured through the thoughtful hoist design, but also because of the unique KITO load chain with outstanding strength, which is installed in all chain hoists: it is the only nickel-plated load chain in the world! Compared to other load chains (galvanized), the KITO load chain guarantees higher corrosion resistance, less fatigue and a longer service life.

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