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Kito Europe GmbH
Heerdter Lohweg 93
40549 Düsseldorf - Germany

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Wolfgang Jourdan
Area Sales Manager
South Germany
Ulrich Klar
Area Sales Manager
West Germany
Oleg Petschatnov
Area Sales Manager
East Germany
Olaf Melzwig

Customer Service

Fatima Lamrini
Area Sales Manager
France, Spain & North Africa
Eugen Wagorowski
Area Sales Manager
Eastern Europe
Jos Baars
Area Sales Manager &
Strategic Business Consultant
Slavko Runje

Area Sales Manager
Eastern Europe

Zbigniew Kacprzak
Area Sales Manager

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Regardless of whether you are a crane manufacturer, hoist dealer, crane service provider or plant manufacturer: we are organised so flexibly that we can respond specifically to the requirements and needs of our customers.


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