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With a manual chain hoist, it's all about one thing: outstanding quality.

The principle of vertical load movement by means of chain and roller systems has always been used in construction, and since industrialisation in all industries to save forces. KITO manual chain hoists are made of robust materials and are developed according to holistic principles. KITO is also a global quality pioneer because of the high safety standards of its hoists.

KITO Manual Chain Hoist

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Manual Chain Hoists

Manual chain hoist mode of operation

A manual chain hoist consists of a few components, but they can safely move considerable loads up and down for maximum safety. Brakes to prevent unintentional lowering, extremely load-bearing hooks, steel hand chains and lifting chains, the wheel in the hoist and the entire lifting mechanism are reliably functional even when lifting loads in confined spaces and in places that are actually impassable. You can currently find these products from KITO for all industry requirements.

The lifting principle of a manual chain hoist is the conversion of acting forces, in the case of the chain hoist mechanism small forces over a long distance into large forces over a short distance. Through holistic product developments, KITO optimises the transmission ratios of the lifting mechanisms in such a way that easy operation remains possible safely and with millimetre precision even when lifting and lowering considerable loads. This makes it ideal for logistical applications, construction sites, car workshops and all areas where precise lifting is more important than fast load lifting.

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Frequently asked questions

The KITO CX Manual Chain Hoist lifts loads from 250 kilograms. The maximum is the CB Manual Chain Hoist with a load capacity of half a tonne to 50 tonnes. The load capacity is determined by the condition of the chains and quality of the lifting mechanism. Each hand chain hoist is DGUV GS certified for its reliable operation and safety.

Lifting heights for the KITO Manual Chain Hoist are three metres as standard from 500 kg to 5,000 kg load capacity. Larger versions for heavier loads between 7,500 and 50,000 kg lift up to 3.5 metres.

The safety mechanisms on the KITO Manual Chain Hoist include overload protection, load pressure brake, maintenance-free ball bearings and hook jaw safety device. Cap nuts protect the threads on the housing. The nickel-plated load chains comply with the EN 818-7 standard in terms of break resistance. Users can also rely on the guaranteed safety for all areas of application due to the DGUV-GS certification. This is only awarded after intensive endurance tests for the best, most robust products.

KITO develops its products with strong cooperation from users in practice. Especially in industrial use and under the harsh conditions of the construction industry, any weak points become visible and are immediately eliminated through better planning steps. For each planning and manufacturing step, the hand chain hoist at KITO goes through quality assurance systems that are far above the global level.

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