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The powerful

Our ER2 Electric Chain Hoist

ER2 Electric Chain Hoist


125 kg – 20.000 kg

Environmental conditions

-20 °C to +40 °C


85 %

Our KITO ER2 Electric Chain Hoist is an all-rounder and is suitable for the toughest conditions. High performance, durability and robustness are not foreign words to him. The ER2 is available in extensive load capacities, variants and options.
  • For applications under extreme conditions – powerful, durable and robust
  • Extensive load capacities, variants and options possible – available with contactor control or with a high-quality frequency converter at two lifting speeds
  • Easy to maintain – disassembly for servicing can be carried out quickly and without special tools

01. More than standard

ER2 Limit Lock
Individually programmable stroke limitation
ER2 Limit Lock Electric Chain Hoist
Upper/lower limit switch for the end positions as standard. Freely selectable limit switches for lifting and lowering, directly and easily programmable via the control switch. The lifting speed is automatically reduced before the set position is reached.
ER2 Stepless Speed
Variable speed control
ER2 Stepless Speed Electric Chain Hoist
Freely selectable speed using the special stepless push button. Made possible by our particularly powerful KITO ER2 frequency inverter.
ER2 Second-Step Variable
Individual acceleration rate & stroke speed
ER2 Second-Step Variable
ER2 Second-Step Variable with variable stroke speed in the second stage. The KITO ER2 can be operated at will between the low and maximum speed. To return to the 1st stage or slower speed, the pushbutton must be released completely and pressed again.
For food/beverage/pharmaceutical industry
FER2 Foodgrade Electric Chain Hoist
FER2 electric chain hoist with optional epoxy paint coating, motorized trolley, stainless steel load hook, nickel-plated chain stopper, chain spring and limit plate, and stainless steel chain container.
CDER2 with cylinder control
With ergonomic cylindrical handle
CDER2 Electric Chain Hoist with cylinder control
Quick and easy to operate. Control of the lifting and lowering process with just one hand. With ergonomic cylinder control and frequency inverter for two lifting speeds (dual).
Little space, no problem
SHER2M Electric Chain Hoist short design
When height becomes a problem. The KITO SHER2M electric chain hoist is characterized by its extremely short design and is equipped with a high-quality frequency inverter, which ensures precise positioning of the load.
Safe and synchronous lifting
TWER2M Electric Chain Hoist with two load strands
The KITO TWER2M electric chain hoist with two load lines is used wherever precise horizontal alignment or simultaneous lifting and lowering of loads is required. Thanks to the double hooks, synchronous movements can be achieved with just one hoist.
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02. Your benefits​

To the desired speed
High quality electronic thermal relay
Our high-quality ER2 frequency inverter achieves precise placement of the load and withstands even harsh environmental conditions. Thanks to the smooth start of the drive, it ensures very low chain wear and thus increases the service life of the load chain. Looking for further highlights? Individually adjustable lifting speed is just as much a standard feature as an operating hour/load cycle counter and the memory function for fault diagnosis.
Electromagnetic brake
With improved performance and safety
Electromagnetic brake
KITO's electromagnetic brake is intrinsically safe. This means that the brake only opens when the motor is operated. If the motor cannot be started for any reason, the brake always remains closed. In other words a malfunction is not possible! Your added value? The brake provides guaranteed safety, opens and closes the brake with a fast response time and prevents or reduces brake wear. Guaranteed two million load cycles are the proof.
Reason to complain?
Warranty of 36 months
Warranty claims must always be asserted in writing. Kito Europe GmbH shall provide a template for this purpose. Prerequisite for the recognition of a warranty claim: see General Terms and Conditions.
Friction clutch
Prevention of product damage due to overload
Carbon friction clutch
Consistent performance even under extreme temperature conditions. An overload protection to interrupt the power transmission from the motor to protect the chain hoist from overload.
Load chain pinion
Fast and easy maintenance
Newly developed load chain pinion
KITO's newly designed load chain sprocket has five chain pockets to avoid vibrations and improve service life (six pockets for small loads). Quick and easy to maintain, smooth and quiet operation, less wear on the load chain.
Push button switch
Ergonomic and easy operation
Push button switch
Ergonomic and user-friendly control switch protection class IP 65. Robust, simple operation and mechanically interlocked buttons.
Load chain
Corrosion-resistant and low-wear
Nickel-plated load chain
KITO is the only manufacturer in the world to nickel-plate its load chain in an electroless process. The advantages of this process are higher corrosion resistance and less wear compared to conventional load chains. The nickel-plated load chain grade T, DAT 800 N/mm² version is standard on our electric chain hoists.

03. A bit more needed?​

Adjustable starting and braking ramps (inverter ), adjustable travel speeds (inverter), single or double travel speed (single/dual).
The KITO TSP rolling trolley is used wherever a lifting movement is to be carried out linearly to the beam. The TSP roller trolleys effortlessly bridge larger travel distances with loads of up to 5,000 kg. Different capacities can be realized at any time according to your individual needs.
Learn more
The reliability, smooth running and safety of your hoist depends on the trolley.Heat-treated steel wheels, sealed bearings and a small turning radius are just some of the advantages of the TSG reel trolley from KITO.
Learn more
Our ER2 electric chain hoist is also available with a stainless steel load hook and load chain as well as a stainless steel chain container. Thanks to the increased corrosion resistance, it is also suitable for harsh environments and those where cleanliness and reliability are required.

04. Everywhere in use​

Our KITO ER2 electric chain hoist is an all-rounder and is also suitable for the toughest conditions. It is no stranger to high performance, durability and robustness. The ER2 is available in a wide range of load capacities, variants and options, making it perfect for all areas of application.
  • Heavy Industry & steel industry
  • Foundries & mining
  • Paper industry
  • Food industry
  • Wind turbines & automotive industry

05. Technical data​

Load capacity
Up to 20,000 kg load capacity
Voltage range
380–440 V *Special voltages on request
Frequency range
50 Hz, 60 Hz
Control voltage
24 V AC
Load chain
Nickel-plated load chain of grade T, DAT 800 N/mm² version according to standard EN 818-7
Standard lifting height
3 m
Geared, plain- and motorized trolley
Protection class ER2
Protection class control switch
Operating hours counter
Lifting speed
Single or Dual Stroke Speed (Single/Dual) Stepless, Second-Step Variable
Chain hoist: 3 years Brake: 10 years or 2 million load cycles
Chain container
Plastic, canvas or steel

06. Digital support​


Everything at a glance
KITO ER2 series
In this video we present our KITO ER2 series. Experience our KITO ER2 up close. You can find more videos on our KITO MediaHub.


ER2 - Second Step Variable
ER2 – Wind
ER2 Food Grade
ER2 Limit Lock
MR2 – ER2 Manual 7.5 t–20 t
MR2 - ER2 Manual 125kg–5t
MR2 – ER2 Parts List 7.5 t–20 t
MR2 – ER2 Parts 125 kg–5 t
ER2SG – TS 9409 10MCE
ER2SG – Bulletin-No.TS-0607-KE-05
ER2SP – TS 9409 10MCE
ER2SP – TS E 30 t
ER2SP – Bulletin-No.TS-0607-KE-05
ER2 – Manual 7.5t – 20t
ER2 – Manual 125 kg– 5 t
ER2 – Parts List 7.5 t–20 t
ER2 – Parts 125 kg–5 t
ER2 Stepless Speed
ER2 – SHER2M – OM No. SHER2-0903-CE-00
ER2 – SHER2M – SHER2 partlist CE
ER2 – TWER2M – TWER2 partlist CE

Technical drawings​