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The fast

Our ED Electric Chain Hoist

ED Electric Chain Hoist


60 kg – 480 kg

Environmental conditions

-20 °C to +40 °C


85 %

The KITO ED Electric Chain Hoist is compact, light and fast with an operating voltage of 230 V. With load capacities from 60 kg – 480 kg, the ED Electric Chain Hoist is suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Portability – due to the low own weight, easy to handle for everyone
  • High lifting speed can be realised – up to 20.1 m/min depending on the load capacity
  • Operating voltage 230 V/50 Hz single-phase – can be used immediately for any quick and individual requirement thanks to the Schuko plug

01. More than standard

For the socket
ED Electric Chain Hoist
The ED electric chain hoist is operated with 220 V to 240 V alternating current and can therefore be connected to any standard household socket. This electric chain hoist is particularly light and is therefore especially suitable for any assembly work. In addition, it has a high lifting speed and is alternatively available with two speeds.
With cylinder control and potentiometer
EDC Electric Chain Hoist
Handling made easy! Probably the lightest electric chain hoist on the market comes from KITO EUROPE. The KITO EDC electric chain hoist can be easily integrated into existing lines or combined with other systems. The EDC is at home in any production line and small enough to be transported between different application sites and used directly. It's an impressive combination that adds valuable flexibility to any operation.
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02. Your benefits​

Operating voltage
Can be used at any socket
Operating voltage 230 V
Can be used anywhere and quickly due to the operating voltage of 230 V at any socket. Lifting height up to 100+ m realizable.
High performance brake
With integrated friction clutch
High performance mechanical brake
The mechanical brake ensures high braking power to specifically stop the load at the desired position. The ED electric chain hoist is equipped with a slip clutch specially designed by KITO, which disengages the motor in case of overload so that the load is not lifted.
Lifting speed
Via push button switch
Individually adjustable lifting speed
The lifting speed of the slow step can be individually adjusted inside the push button switch by adjusting a set screw.
Load chain
Corrosion-resistant and low-wear
Nickel-plated load chain
KITO is the only manufacturer in the world that nickel-plates its load chain electrolessly. The advantages of this process are higher corrosion resistance and lower wear compared to conventional load chains. The nickel-plated load chain grade T, series DAT 800 N/mm² version is standard on our electric chain hoists.

03. A bit more needed?​

Also due to the possible lifting height of up to 100 m, the optional radio remote control for the KITO ED is a good choice.
As an option to the ED and EDC electric chain hoist series, KITO offers the TMH Mini trolley system. With a net weight of only 1.9 kg, the Mini trolley impresses with a load capacity of up to 250 kg.
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The reliability, smoothness and safety of your hoist depends on the trolley. Heat-treated steel wheels, sealed bearings and a low turning radius are just some of the advantages of KITO's TSG Geared Trolley.
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The KITO TSP rolling trolley is used wherever a lifting movement is to be carried out linearly to the beam. The TSP roller trolleys effortlessly bridge larger travel distances with loads of up to 5,000 kg. Different capacities can be realized at any time according to your individual needs.
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04. Everywhere in use​

The KITO ED electric chain hoist is compact, lightweight and reliable. It is ready for immediate use due to its low dead weight of only 11.5 to 21 kg and its high load capacity at an operating voltage of 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 phase (socket).
  • Wind turbines
  • Assembly lines
  • Repair shops
  • Light crane systems
  • Production lines
  • Construction sites and much more.

05. Technical data​

Load capacity
60 kg – 480 kg
Lifting speed
Max. 20,1 m/min
Voltage & frequency range
230 V/50 Hz single-phase
Load chain
Nickel-plated load chain grade T, series DAT 800 N/mm²
Lifting height
Up to 70 m as standard, greater lifting heights on request
Protection class
Chain container
Plastic, canvas
High performance mechanical brake
Consistent braking effect
Lifting height EDC
Standard 1.8 m lift, optional lift heights up to 8 m

06. Digital support​


Everything at a glance
KITO ED series
In this video we present you our KITO ED series. Experience our KITO ED electric chain hoist up close. You can find more videos on our KITO MediaHub.