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The Precise

Our KITO LX lever hoist

LX Lever Hoist


250 kg – 500 kg

Environmental conditions

-40 °C to +60 °C


100 %

The KITO LX is the perfect choice for quick repair and assembly work. Its lightweight and compact design makes it indispensable for any toolbox. When not under load, the chain freewheel allows the load hook to be positioned quickly. The high-quality in-house production ensures the longevity of the product.
  • Extremely compact, lightweight and mobile design
  • Fine-toothed precision gearbox for low manual operating force
  • Chain freewheel with high performance load pressure brake

01. More than standard

250 kg load capacity
LX003 Lever hoist
The small LX003 lever hoist is extremely light and compact thanks to its aluminum housing and weighs just 1.7 kg. With its short lever length of 150 mm, it also proves its worth in confined spaces.
500 kg load capacity
LX005 Lever hoist
The LX005 is ideal for fastening, lashing and positioning small loads with a load capacity of 500 kg. The device's compactness, small dimensions and low weight of just 2.7 kg are its main features.
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02. Your benefits​

Aluminium housing
Extremely lightweight and corrosion resistant
Rugged aluminum housing and steel frame
Its lightweight and extremely compact aluminum housing makes the LX the ideal tool for high-altitude or hard-to-reach places.
Precision gearbox
Low manual operating force
Precision gearbox
All transmission gears and the load pinion are forged and machined. This ensures maximum resistance and material strength.
High performance load brake
Protected from rainwater & dust
High performance load brake
High-performance load pressure brake with forged and machined ratchet disk. Automatic brake closing function at a minimum load of 1 - 3 % of the nominal load.
Load chain
Corrosion-resistant and low-wear
Nickel-plated load chain
KITO is the only manufacturer in the world that nickel-plates its load chain electrolessly. The quality and resistance are unique in the market. More demanding than the required minimum according to standard EN 818-7, grade T, design V 1000 N/mm² as standard.
Chain freewheel
Reliable load handling
Original KITO freewheeling
In the event of a jerky load in freewheel mode, the load pressure brake engages reliably without delay.
Hook-eye safety latch
Secure hook closure without disengaging
Hook jaw safety catch with guided hook lock
Robust hook jaw protection due to reinforced material cross-section.

03. A bit more needed?​

The self-closing KITO safety hook locks automatically as soon as a load is attached. To release the load, the operator must unlock the hook manually. This prevents unintentional opening. The safety hook ensures complete safety when lifting, as the safety flap cannot be removed.
The beam clamp is available in a wide range of load capacities from 1,000 kg to 10,000 kg and can be adjusted to the most common beam types. For wide I-beams, particularly wide versions are available for load capacities of 3,000 kg and 5,000 kg. The beam clamp can also be used both as a lifting point and as a load suspension device.
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04. Everywhere in use​

Perfect for working in very confined spaces. The KITO LX lever hoist with a load capacity of up to 500 kg: easy to maintain, corrosion-resistant and durable!
  • Metal construction
  • Maintenance
  • Bridge construction
  • Overhead power line construction
  • Shipyards

05. Technical data​

Load capacity
Up to 500 kg
Standard lift
1,5 m
Chain freewheel
Original KITO freewheeling
Nickel plated load chain
Grade T, version V 1000 N/mm²
Chain pin protection
Through recesses on the hook fastening

06. Digital support​


Everything at a glance
KITO LX-Series
In this video we present our KITO LX series. Experience our KITO LX lever hoist up close. You can find more videos on our KITO MediaHub.



Technical drawings​