The effective

Our EQ Electric Chain Hoist

EQ Electric Chain Hoist


125 kg – 1.000 kg

Environmental conditions

-20 °C to +40 °C


85 %

This electric chain hoist with trolley is particularly characterized by its compactness and small dimensions. The EQ offers a 23% reduction in dead weight compared to the ER2 Electric Chain Hoist series. With load capacity variants of 125 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg and 1,000 kg, the electric chain hoist can be used for everyday tasks of all kinds.
  • "No-load High-speed" function: 1.3 times faster lifting speed at a maximum of 30 % of the nominal load
  • 2-fold lifting speed by means of electronic thermal relay – for precise positioning of the load and "no-load high-speed" function
  • Unique, nickel-plated load chain grade T, DAT 800 N/mm² version according to standard EN 818-7 – low wear and higher corrosion resistance

01. More than standard

The effective
EQ Electric Chain Hoist
The KITO EQ Electric Chain Hoist combines innovative electronic thermal relay technology and modern design. The new motor-gearbox arrangement resulted in a lightweight compact format with high functionality at the same time.
The EQ for the socket
EQS Electric Chain Hoist
The single-phase KITO EQS Electric Chain Hoist for the 230 volt socket offers all the advantages of the power version. Due to its design, the EQS010IS even lifts 1.8 times faster at a maximum of 30 % of the nominal load.

02. Your benefits​

“No-load High-speed” function
1.3 times faster
“No-load High-speed” function
1.3 times faster lifting speed at a maximum of 30 % of the nominal load. Due to its design, the EQS010IS even lifts 1.8 times faster at a maximum of 30 % of the nominal load.
Electronic thermal relay
Fast and slow
Two lifting speeds thanks to electronic thermal relay
A fast and slow lifting speed, precise positioning and reduced load swing ensure increased safety as well as easy handling.
Pull-rotor brake
Up to two million insertions
Pull-rotor brake
The chain hoist has an extremely durable pull-rotor brake, which has already proven to be very reliable in the past. As expected, up to two million insertions can be made.
Low maintenance
Concentration on the most important things
Low maintenance
The EQ Electric Chain Hoist is equipped without transformer, electromagnetic contactors and electromagnetic brake. This means less maintenance for you. There is no wear and tear on the mechanical parts.
Load chain
Corrosion-resistant and low-wear
Nickel-plated load chain
KITO is the only manufacturer in the world that nickel-plates its load chain electrolessly. The advantages of this process are higher corrosion resistance and lower wear compared to conventional load chains. The nickel-plated load chain grade T, DAT 800 N/mm² is standard on our electric chain hoists.
FEM classification
Uncompromising safety
High FEM classification
The FEM rule deals with the proper design of safety-related thrusters. Classification of the engines into groups ensures that an appropriate theoretical life expectancy is obtained for undercarriages and hoists.
Always there for you
Well thought out in every component
Reliability in every component. In case of need, troubleshooting, disassembly and assembly of all components are easily possible due to particularly maintenance-friendly product design and individually available components.

03. A bit more needed?​

The EQ is available with a top hook or eye suspension and is therefore also suitable for trolleys in profile beams.
The radio remote control with its ergonomic design is optionally available from EQ. As a one-hand control, it is easy to operate. The control unit has protection class IP65 and is equipped with an EMERGENCY STOP pushbutton.
The safety load hook is equipped with a robust hook jaw safety device and can be rotated through 360° thanks to high-quality bearings. This prevents the load chain from kinking and twisting.
Adjustable starting and braking ramps (electronic thermal relay), adjustable travel speeds (electronic thermal relay), single or double travel speed (single/dual).
The KITO TSP Plain Trolley is used wherever a lifting movement is to be performed linearly to the beam. The TSP Plain Trolley effortlessly bridge larger travel distances with loads of up to 5,000 kg. Different capacities can be realized at any time according to your individual needs.
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04. Everywhere in use​

Our EQ Electric Chain Hoist is used in many different applications.
  • Industrial environment, plant engineering
  • Service & maintenance
  • Production facilities
  • Multi-shift operations
  • Wastewater industry

05. Technical data​

Load capacity
Up to 1.000 kg
Control voltage
24 V
Voltage range EQ
380 V–440 V
Frequency range
50 Hz, 60 Hz
Operating hours counter
Chain container
Plastic, canvas
Electronic overload protection
“No-load High-speed” function
1.3 times faster stroke at up to 30 % nominal load
Voltage range EQS
220 V–240 V

06. Digital support​

Everything at a glance
KITO EQ/EQS series
In this video we present our KITO EQ/EQS series. Experience our KITO EQ/EQS Electric Chain Hoist up close. You can find more videos on our KITO MediaHub.


EQ top hook installation