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KITO EQ electric chain hoists are part of a cruise ship crew

TUI Cruises has one of the most modern fleet in the world – the “Mein Schiff” cruise ships are built innovative and environmentally with recent technological standards.
Every cruise ship can only be reached via so-called “gangways” – the stairs or bridges that serve as entrances. So, everyone has to cross the gangway at least once to enter the cruise ship world. It’s important that all gangways are in a safe position for the passengers and the crew.
On “Mein Schiff 3”, KITO EUROPE handles these movements. The ship is operating since 2014 and can accommodate more than 2,500 passengers and 1,000 people as personnel. This means that during embarkation as well as after each shore leave, the bridges for the numerous passengers and employees must be lifted precisely, transported and safely positioned.

KITO EQ electric chain hoists are responsible to move the gangways – small and powerful hoists from the extensive KITO portfolio. The KITO EQ is small and compact but has a great efficiency at the same time. Thanks to the practical eye suspension or the robust top hook, the EQ can easily be hung exactly where it is to be used. A huge advantage on the spatially limited ship deck. In use, the small power hoist can handle load capacities from 125 kg to 1,000 kg.

Excellent load control and intense safety features are also part of KITO EQ. The electric chain hoist comes standard with frequency inverter for precise positioning of the load, overload protection, operating hours counter and cylinder anchor brake. The KITO EQ belongs – just like “Mein Schiff 3” – to the latest technical generation and was designed to achieve a long service life at low investment costs.

There can be another reason why TUI decided to use KITO hoists: the unique load chain. KITO is the only manufacturer worldwide to use nickel-coated load chains with the highest quality standards. Due to the special heat-treatment, increased strength is achieved. So the load chain is not only impressive because of its hard surface, which carries the gangway safely. It also resists all weather conditions with high corrosion protection – on- and off-shore.

Press contact: Minna Freyberg,

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