TSP plain trolley

The KITO TSP Plain Trolley: ideal for larger traversing distances

The KITO TSP Plain Trolleys will help you manoeuver easily where a motion parallel to the beam is necessary. KITO’s TSP easily bridges larger traversing distances for a load up to 5 t. Various capacities can be implemented according to your individual needs at any time without problems.

Full description

TSP Rollfahrwerk

Product advantages

  • Light and compact design
  • Quick and easy handling of the load, better durability
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy assembly by means of trolley bolts and spacer disks
  • Suited to applications involving greater traversing distances


  • Capacity ranging from 500 kg – 5 t
  • Net weight: 4,5 kg (TSP001 – TSP005)
  • Different kinds of flange widths
  • Adjustable to fit any tapered or flat-flanged beams
  • Safety lugs and bumpers
  • Suspender for close connected suspension and / or hook suspension type
  • Heat-treated steel wheels are hardened for long life
  • Maintenance-friendly sealed ball bearings
Hängekran Anwendung


  • Trolleys of larger capacities are available on request, please get in contact with our Customer Service Department for more information
  • The trolley can fit on the beams up to 305 mm flange width by replacing suspension shaft and spacers
  • Also available in explosion-proof version as per the ATEX standard
  • For KITO’s build-to-order capabilities please see “customized solutions” overview

Technical Data

Model Capacity (Kg) Flange width (mm) Min. radius for curve (mm) Net weight (Kg)
TSP001 125 50-163 1100 4,5
TSP003 250 50-163 1100 4,5
TSP005 500 50-163 1100 4,5
TSP010 1000 58-163 1300 8
TSP015 1500 82-204 1500 14
TSP020 2000 82-204 1500 14
TSP025 2500 82-204 1700 23
TSP030 3000 82-204 1700 23
TSP050 5000 100-204 2300 50


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TS-9409-10MCE not available PDF Download (EN)
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T7PP005 12100 PDF Download (DE) not available
T7PP010 12100 PDF Download (DE) not available
T7PP015 12100 PDF Download (DE) not available
T7PP020 12100 PDF Download (DE) not available
T7PP025 12100 PDF Download (DE) not available
T7PP030 12100 PDF Download (DE) not available
T7PP050 12100 not available PDF Download (EN)
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