KITO’s Lever Hoists LB – the work-horse of the manual chain hoists

Ideal for pulling, lifting or tensioning the KITO Lever Hoist Model LB stands out with its high performance and can handle even the most difficult challenges facing the industry. This is for instance the case in sectors like ship-building where sheet metal plates are pulled into place or where beams and girders have to be connected together and everywhere where precision work in very confined spaces is particularly important.

What is more, with its advanced industrial design the LB received the sought-after price of the “Excellent Product Awards”, which was awarded by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) in 2009.
The Lever Hoist LB is available with load capacities from 800 kg to 9 t. For loads of up to 3.2 t, it operates with one chain fall, at the 6.3 t with two chain falls, and the 9 t hoist with three chain falls. The graduation of load capacities ranges from 0.8 t to 1.0 t, 1.6 t, 2.5 t, 3.2 t, 6.3 t and 9 t. This makes KITO one of the few firms to supply hoists with load capacities of 1.0 t and 2.5 t.
By using double reduction gearing and a patented induction hardening process on load bearing parts, the hoists weight and size is reduced while improved overall strength. As a result, you can use less hand force to operate and enjoy improved portability.
With a steel body frame, forged carbon steel hooks and corrosion resistant nickel-plated load chain the LB Lever Hoist stands up in the most demanding industrial and contracting applications. Since load gearing parts, at rated capacity, are only stressed to 25% of their limit, you can operate the hoist with confidence over a long period of time.
A unique feature is the freewheel mechanism with overload protection. In conventional variants, it is possible that due to inadvertent operation of the lever by the operator, the freewheel function is accidentally activated, leading to, in the worst case, to the load being dropped. This is impossible with the KITO Lever Hoist LB, as it is fitted with a freewheel knob. This has to be engaged by gentle pulling to activate the freewheel function and release the chain for adjustment.
Full description

Hängekran LB von KITO

Product advantages

  • Suitable for continuous operation under the most severe conditions
  • Maintenance friendly: The LB’s open body design allows for easy inspection and cleaning without dismantling the unit.
  • Through its light weight and reduced headroom: ideal for the use in confined spaces


  • Lifting capacities ranging from 800 kg to 9 t
  • Light net weight: varies from 6 kg and 40 kg
  • Unique freewheel chain adjusting mechanism with overload protection
  • Rugged and ergonomic lever handle
  • Smooth geared mechanism for effortless handling
  • Robust mechanical load brake increases the safety of the operator
  • Double-reduction gearing requires minimum manual power for operation under full load
  • Hook latch with safety tip
  • Fourfold riveted and forged carbon steel hook design will not fracture under excessive load
  • Abrasion-resistant nickel-plated load chain for high and uniform strength (1000 N/mm2), in accordance with standard DIN EN 818-7
Hängekran LB Details


  • LB-OLL with optional slip clutch
  • LB-OF without freewheel chain adjusting mechanism
  • KITO-Clip: developed for use in combination with the lever hoist LB as a traction-assist device specifically for wire rope, for instance for horizontal pulling of loads and cargo, it cannot be used for slinging-type work
  • Shipyard hook: with a security latch for special applications in shipbuilding and in sheet metal forming
  • Chain locking device: features a guard protecting the chain pin and nut from damage enhancing safety
  • KITO load signal: Alerts the operator when the hoist is used to lift loads beyond rated capacity. Alert is indicated by green signal changing to red, handle deflecting 15 degrees.

Technical Data

Model Capacity (kg) Std. lift (m) Chain pull to lift full load (daN) Net weight (kg) Chain size (mm) Weight for additional one meter of lift (kg)
LB008 800 1,5 28,4 5,7 5,6 x 15,7 0,7
LB010 1000 1,5 34,3 5,9 5,6 x 15,7 0,7
LB016 1600 1,5 33,3 8,0 7,1 x 19,9 1,1
LB025 2500 1,5 36,3 11,2 8,8 x 24,6 1,7
LB032 3200 1,5 36,3 15,0 10,0 x 28,0 2,3
LB063 6300 1,5 37,2 26,0 10,0 x 28,0 4,7
LB090 9000 1,5 38,2 40,0 10,0 x 28,0 7,0


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