More Safety with the KITO Lever Hoist LB-OF without freewheel chain adjusting mechanism

With the lever hoist LB-OF (without freewheel chain adjusting mechanism) KITO EUROPE extends its product portfolio by another safety variant where the freewheeling mechanism is generally deactivated.

A key consideration in the product design for KITO was the safety aspect. This also bears fruit in the outward appearance of the hoist. As a visually recognizable difference to the Lever Hoist Series LB, which has an ocre-coloured freewheel knob, the LB OF is fitted with a blue knob that shows that this hoist is equipped without a freewheeling function. A change in the lifting height can then only be adjusted by operating the lever.
Especially for complicated and dangerous applications where dynamic forces can occur, for instance in overhead line construction, the KITO Lever Hoist particularly the LB-OF is a suitable and safe installation aid. Furthermore the hoist proves advantageous in aircraft production and maintenance where slippage of the load during the fitting or removal of aircraft parts such as engines or turbines could have incalculable consequences including huge costs or delays.
Beyond that the LB-OF offers all of the various advantanges of the KITO Lever Hoist Series LB.
Full description

Hebelzug 1000kg ohne Freilauf

Product advantages

  • Suitable for continuous operation under the most severe conditions
  • Maintenance friendly: The LB’s open body design allows for easy inspection and cleaning without dismantling the unit.
  • Through its light weight and reduced headroom: ideal for the use in confined spaces


  • Lifting capacities ranging from 800 kg to 9 t
  • Light net weight: varies from 6 kg and 40 kg
  • Rugged and ergonomic lever handle
  • Smooth geared mechanism for effortless handling
  • Robust mechanical load brake increases the safety of the operator
  • Double-reduction gearing requires minimum manual power for operation under full load
  • Hook latch with safety tip
  • Fourfold riveted and forged carbon steel hook design will not fracture under excessive load
  • Abrasion-resistant nickel-plated load chain for high and uniform strength (1000 N/mm2), in accordance with standard DIN EN 818-7
Hängekran LB Details


  • KITO-Clip: developed for use in combination with the lever hoist LB as a traction-assist device specifically for wire rope, for instance for horizontal pulling of loads and cargo, it cannot be used for slinging-type work
  • Shipyard hook: with a security latch for special applications in shipbuilding and in sheet metal forming
  • Chain locking device: features a guard protecting the chain pin and nut from damage enhancing safety
  • KITO load signal: Alerts the operator when the hoist is used to lift loads beyond rated capacity. Alert is indicated by green signal changing to red, handle deflecting 15 degrees.
  • For KITO’s build-to-order capabilities please see “customized solutions” overview

Technical Data

Model Capacity (kg) Std. lift (m) Chain pull to lift full load (daN) Net weight (kg) Chain size (mm) Weight for additional one meter of lift (kg)
LB008-OF 800 1,5 28,4 5,7 5,6 x 15,7 0,7
LB010-OF 1000 1,5 34,3 5,9 5,6 x 15,7 0,7
LB016-OF 1600 1,5 33,3 8,0 7,1 x 19,9 1,1
LB025-OF 2500 1,5 36,3 11,2 8,8 x 24,6 1,7
LB032-OF 3200 1,5 36,3 15,0 10,0 x 28,0 2,3
LB063-OF 6300 1,5 37,2 26,0 10,0 x 28,0 4,7
LB090-OF 9000 1,5 38,2 40,0 10,0 x 28,0 7,0


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