EQ Electric chain hoist

A Milestone on the market for electric chain hoists

Its compactness and its reduced dimensions are some of the special features of KITO’s EQ electric chain hoist. The EQ offers in comparison to KITO’s ER2 series, a considerable reduction in the net weight by 23 %. With the lifting capacities ranging from 250 kg, 500 kg to 1,000 kg the EQ can be used to perform a wide range of commonplace tasks. Furthermore a wide variety of suspensions and lifting heights are available.

The EQ product line is targeted at moderate and heavy duty users, with several unique design features that benefit these customer segments.
The EQ includes an inverter that provides an industry-first “light load high-speed” function that automatically increases hoist speed to 130 % when the load is less than 30 % of WLL. As a result, users can expect the production cycle to improve up to 115% of standard. This unique operating characteristic makes the product ideal for assembly line, work station, and repetitive operation applications.
As well the inverter provides these benefits: cushioned and adjustable speed for ultimate load control as well as electronic thermal and overload protection. The inverter and its unique software also eliminate several wear items typically used in conventional hoists, including a transformer, contactor, or brake coil.
The hoist employs a highly durable pull-rotor brake system, proven reliable in past KITO products. Up to two million brake cycles can be expected from the system.
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Product advantages

  • Compact hook end approach
  • High productivity feature: 130 % speed at less than 30 % WLL
  • High duty rating: FEM 3m/ISO M6 rating through 500 kg
  • Low maintenance due to: no transformer, no magnetic contactor, no brake contactor, no brake coil


  • Frequency inverter as standard: smooth and precise load control, adjustable speed control (standard speed ratio 6:1)
  • 380 – 440 V / 50 Hz / 3 P
  • Electronic overload limiter via frequency inverter
  • Extremely robust Aluminium die-cast body: small, light, rugged
  • Electromagnetic pull-rotor motor brake: Long life, maintenance free
  • Heavy-duty fan-cooled motor
  • Electronic thermal motor protection prevents motor from overheating
  • Hanging suspension: Easy to assemble / disassemble
  • Upper – lower limit switch
  • Counter hour meter
  • Ergonomic push button control
  • Control voltage 24 V DC
  • Abrasion-resistant nickel-plated load chain for high and uniform strength (800 N/mm2), in accordance with standard DIN EN 818-7
  • Plastic chain container
EQ Elektrokettenzug mit Fahrwerk


  • Plain and gear trolley
  • Motorized trolley (inverter controlled – dual speed)
  • Canvas chain container
  • For KITO’s build-to-order capabilities please see “customized solutions” overview

Technical Data

Model Capacity (kg) FEM %ED Lifting speed (m/min) Chain size (mm) Chain falls Headroom (mm)
EQ001IS 125 3m 40/20 17.0/2.8 5.6x15.7 1 395
EQ003IS 250 3m 40/20 10.0/1.7 5.6x15.7 1 395
EQ005IS 500 3m 40/20 7.6/1.3 5.6x15.7 1 410
EQ010IS 1000 2m 40/20 7.1/1.2 7.1x19.9 1 465
Model Capacity (kg) FEM Lifting speed (m/min) Chain size (mm) Headroom (mm) Min. radius for curve (mm) Flange width (mm)
EQSP-001IS 125 3m 17.0/2.8 5,6x15,7 415 1100 50-163 164-305
EQSP-003IS 250 3m 10.0/1.7 5,6x15,7 415 1100 50-163 164-305
EQSP-005IS 500 3m 7.6/1.3 5,6x15,7 430 1100 50-163 164-305
EQSP-010IS 1,000 2m 7.1/1.2 7,1x19,9 490 1300 58-163 164-305
Model Capacity (kg) FEM Lifting speed (m/min) Traversing speed (m/min) Chain size (mm) Headroom (mm) Min. radius for curve (mm) Flange width (mm)
EQSG-001IS 125 3m 17.0/2.8 24.0/4.0 5,6x15,7 415 1100 58-163 164-305
EQSG-003IS 250 3m 10.0/1.7 24.0/4.0 5,6x15,7 415 1100 58-163 164-305
EQSG-005IS 500 3m 7.6/1.3 24.0/4.0 5,6x15,7 430 1100 58-163 164-305
EQSG-010IS 1,000 2m 7.1/1.2 24.0/4.0 7,1x19,9 490 1300 58-163 164-305


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