Easy handling of the load with only one hand

The KITO Electric Chain Hoist Series ED is unsurpassed in its versatility. Anywhere a 220 – 240 V AC connection is available this KITO ED III hoist can be used immediately. KITO offers the Electric Chain Hoist EDC for special applications. This unit is equipped with a cylindrical handgrip control unit and is mainly used in the handling technology. By means of a potentiometer in the cylinder control unit the speed can be adjusted independently.

For ergonomic reasons, its lifting height is limited to 1.8 m. The operator guides the load with one hand, while controlling the lifting or lowering process. This is particularly convenient for repetitive transport procedures. It is possible to vary the preset speed to optimize the working process. Different load holding equipment, such as crate or package grippers, also ensures operator-friendly load handling. The bayonet closure permits quick changing of a wide variety of grippers and hooks.

The unit is designed for loads from 60 – 240 kg. Because of its light weight it can be quickly and individually deployed at different places. The gear casing is made from aluminium and is resistant to weathering and rust.

The EDC is available with dual lifting speed. In the load capacity range from 60 to 160 kg, the maximum speed is up to 20 m/min. There are also two motor variants, a DC motor with 300 W for the load capacity ranges 60, 100 and 180 kg, and a larger variant with 600-W output for load capacities up to 160 or 240 kg. Safety features include a high-performance mechanical brake with a friction clutch and an upper lift limit switch for increased safety. The standard equipment includes a plastic chain container. As options, the system offers the mini-trolley TMH 25, a plain trolley or a geared trolley up to 500 kg.

Full description

edc Elektrokettenzug Hand gesteuert

Product advantages

  • Light and compact design
  • Low headroom
  • Weathertight construction resists dust and water
  • Degree of protection: IP 44
  • Variable high lifting speeds
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Overload protection with built-in slip clutch
  • High-performance mechanical load brakes


  • Lifting capacities ranging from 60 kg – 240 kg
  • Cylinder control with a potentiometer for adjusting the speed
  • Dual lifting speed
  • Aluminium gearbox
  • Increased safety upper limit-switch
  • Quick release bottom hook for EDC
  • Power supply single phase 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Shock-resistant control switch
  • High-performance mechanical brake with friction clutch
  • Hohe Fahrgeschwindigkeit, max. 20,1 m/min
  • High traversing speed, max. 20,1 m/min
  • Plastic chain container
  • Abrasion-resistant nickel-plated load chain for high and uniform strength (800 N/mm2), in accordance with standard DIN EN 818-7


  • Mini Plain Trolley TMH 25
  • Universal Trolley TS Model: Geared Trolley TSG and Plain Trolley TSP
  • For KITO’s build-to-order capabilities please see “customized solutions” overview

Technical Data

Model Capacity (kg) FEM %ED Lifting speed (m/min) Chain size (mm) Chain falls Headroom (mm)
EDC06SD 60 1Am 30 20,1/4,0 4,0x12,0 1 945
EDC10SD 100 1Am 30 12,5/3,0 4,0x12,0 1 945
EDC16SD 160 1Am 30 19,2/4,0 4,0x12,0 1 960
EDC18SD 180 1Am 30 7,7/3,0 4,0x12,0 1 945
EDC24SD 240 1Am 30 12,9/3,0 4,0x12,0 1 960


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