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Long-lasting and reliable

KITO CB (M3 Model) series manual chain hoists are built with premium-grade components for long life in the toughest industrial and contracting applications. The CB series manual chain hoists are compact and light, yet extremely durable, with industry-leading quality.

The CB manual chain hoists have a shock-resistant gear casing, double ratchet spring, precision gears and double casing to protect against dust and water, secure and reliable mechanical brake, load chain guide and a nickel-plated load chain with long service life. The load chain has a break strength of 1,000 N/mm2 and corresponds to class V according to DIN EN 818-7.
With this high-performance chain hoist series, KITO has extended its product range by offering to its customers a higher degree of functionality, safety and customer utility.
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CB-Handkettenzug für 1000 kg

Product advantages

  • Thanks to their modular construction, the units are suitable for upgrade to greater load capacities.
  • TVariable load-bearing capacities are available on request
  • TA high-performance precision gearbox ensures that the force which has to be applied to raise the load with the hand chain is kept as low as possible.
  • TAs an option an overload limiter is available which limits the degree the hoist is overloaded and increases the safety of the user by means of the integrated slip clutch mechanism. When an excessive overload is detected, the slip clutch engages. The load remains stationary and cannot be lifted anymore regardless of any additional hand force applied.


  • Capacities ranging from 500 kg to 50 t
  • Double reduction gearing requires minimum manual power to operate
  • Fourfold safety margin of the gearing parts under full load according to EN 13157
  • Standard lifting height is either 3 m or 3.5 m, variable lifting heights depending on your individual needs are also available on enquiry
  • Double casing for protection against dust and water
  • Safe, reliable mechanical brake activates instantly and holds the load securely
  • Articulating top hook allows you to properly centre the load
  • Forged carbon steel hook with a wide opening will not fracture under excessive load
  • Chain guide: silent and easy operation
  • Sealed gears and brake protected against damage from dust and water
  • Open load sheave allows easy inspection and cleaning without dismantling the unit
  • Maintenance-free sealed bearings increase reliability and reduce the pull required to lift loads
  • Double-pawl spring system for increased safety and reliability
  • Abrasion resistant nickel-plated load chain for high and uniform strength (1000 N/mm2), in accordance with standard DIN EN 818-7
Hängekran Anwendung


  • Chain Container to keep the chain clean: weatherproof canvas chain container, advisable for large lifting lengths
  • Overload protection: the unique slip clutch mechanism protects the hoist from damage in the event of an excessive overload without increasing the size of the unit
  • Custom lift lengths to suit your requirements
  • Special capacities even up to 100 t are available on enquiry
  • Universal Trolleys TS model (plain or geared trolley) for improved load control
  • For KITO’s build-to-order capabilities please see “customized solutions” overview

Technical Data

Model Capacity (kg) Std. lift (m) Chain pull to lift full load (daN) Hand chain length for lifting (m) Net weight (kg) Chain size (mm) Weight for additional one meter of lift (kg)
CB005 500 3.0 24 25 10 5.0 x 15.1 1.5
CB010 1000 3.0 29 43 11.5 6.3 x 19.1 1.8
CB015 1500 3.0 35 57 14.5 7.1 x 21.2 2,1
CB020 2000 3.0 36 70 20 8.0 x 24.2 2.3
CB025 2500 3.0 33 99 27 9.0 x 27.2 2.7
CB030 3000 3.0 36 114 24 7.1 x 21.2 3.2
CB050 5000 3.0 34 198 41 9.0 x 27.2 4.4
CB075 7500 3.5 35 297 63 9.0 x 27.2 6.2
CB100 10000 3.5 36 396 83 9.0 x 27.2 7.9
CB150 15000 3.5 37 694 155 9.0 x 27.2 11.4
CB200 20000 3.5 36 x 2 396 x 2 235 9.0 x 27.2 15.8
CB300 30000 3.5 42,1 x 2 495 x 2 310 9.0 x 27.2 19.2
CB400 40000 3.5 42,1 x 2 693 x 2 480 9.0 x 27.2 26.2
CB500 50000 3.5 48,0 x 2 792 x 2 640 9.0 x 27.2 29.7


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