KITO announces the complete acquisition of Van Leusden B.V. from the Netherlands

On July 1, 2020, Kito Corporation (KITO) acquired through its wholly owned subsidiary Kito Europe GmbH all remaining shares of the Dutch company Van Leusden B.V.. Since April 2018, 37.5 % of the shares have been held by the Japanese hoist and crane manufacturer KITO.

Van Leusden B.V. now operates under the brand name KITO VAN LEUSDEN mainly in Europe, specializing in customization technology; Particularly anti-corrosion treatment of mainly manually operated hoists, trolleys, cranes and crane components for maritime and offshore use as well as spark-proof treatment for applications in environments with high risk of explosion. The complete takeover contributes to optimizing and supplementing the sales and product strategies of the KITO Group.

Further information about KITO VAN LEUSDEN can be found here.

Press contact: Minna Freyberg,

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