Light, lighter, KITO EDC!

Probably the lightest electric chain hoist on the market comes from KITO EUROPE.
In Hesse, it is used in steel processing.

Fast delivery, easy handling and guaranteed safety are factors to consider when purchasing hoists. KITO EUROPE is known for the fact that all products comply with these characteristics. The KITO EDC electric chain hoist has a further advantage: it is currently the lightest model available on the market. Its compactness pays off at every application. KITO EDC electric chain hoist is very easy to integrate into existing systems or to combine it with other ones.

Flexibility is required in steel processing

Germany is one of the largest steel processors in the European Union – and even the seventh largest steel producer in the world with 42 million tons of raw steel (2016). The steel industry has always been regarded as the backbone of the German economy – due to close cooperation with other branches, it boosts e.g. the success of the automotive industry or mechanical engineering.
A major advantage of the steel industry and steel processing is its flexibility in production. By the adaptation of the companies and the creative design of the machines, every part can be produced precisely. Companies that can adjust their systems quickly and easily to current enquiries are among the preferred cooperation partners. Flexibility and simple but safe systems are a clear business advantage.

Reliable partner

KITO EUROPE recently supported a large steel processing company in Kassel, Germany, with the redesign of its German plants. The company was looking for a way to place 30-40kg heavy plates in a grinding machine and then transport them back from the grinding machine onto a pallet. Further customer parameters: Ergonomics, time efficiency, easy handling – and little space consumption.

The solution: Simon GmbH from Kassel developed a load handling device with components from KITO EUROPE. Simon’s stable “Herkules ST” articulated jib suited perfectly and was able to reach all necessary areas despite the limited space. For ideal handling, the articulated arm was extended with the KITO EDC electric chain hoist, an adapted magnetic gripper and innovative features. The electric chain hoist is designed fast, reliable, light and compact. The perfect solution for the system.

KITO EDC electric chain hoist in use

KITO EDC electric chain hoist is currently the lightest of its kind. It is particularly suitable for fast handling of any load and therefore it was the first choice for this operation. The potentiometer allows two different lifting speeds. In addition, the hoist is equipped with a precise cylinder control unit. The operator can therefore guide the load with one hand and control the lifting process with the other hand simultaneously. This is a huge advantage for recurring transport processes, and it guarantees maximum safety during all working steps.

As part of this special order, each element was precisely customized: The single-handed handle was replaced by a specially developed handling device with magnetic grippers and a two-hand control system by Simon GmbH. This device is designed for fast and safe work with small steel elements. The two-hand control prevents accidental or premature placement of the components. Even in the event of a power failure, the load is not lost, as these electro-permanent magnets require the pulse from two switches on the handle to demagnetize. The pulse can only be given if the system is supplied with power.

Easy as that!

KITO EUROPE and Simon GmbH have been working together as reliable partners for 5 years. The core of this cooperation is to combine the light and simple components of both companies in such a way that the customer’s expectations regarding cycle time, frequentation and reliability are fully met. In this special case, KITO components were able to meet the requirements in every aspect. A light, ergonomic and safe system was developed, which guarantees efficient working – both for the machine operation and for the employees, who from now on have less stress during the lifting process.

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