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The KITO Group in Europe supplies quality and safety in form of lifting solutions and special accessories

  • Kito Europe GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany, is the European representative of KITO CORPORATION, the global quality leader in lifting technology.
  • The KITO Group in Europe offers a comprehensive range of lifting solutions – from premium chain hoists to load chains, light crane systems and special-engineered lifting solutions.
  • Only at KITO: nickel-plated load chains and DGUV-GS certificate for selected products by German Social Accident Insurance (“DGUV Tested Safety”).

Since 1932, KITO CORPORATION from Japan has become one of the biggest players in the world market for hoists, cranes, chains and accessories. The company currently engages 17 companies and 2,800 employees around the world. From the headquarters in Yamanashi, near Tokyo, not only the Japanese business has been driven forward, but also plants and distribution channels across continents have been established. This includes the expansion of KITO’s portfolio through strategic mergers with regional manufacturers. The European central office of KITO CORPORATION, located in Düsseldorf (Germany), also acts as head of the KITO Group in Europe – a powerful company collective for the distribution of chain hoists, light crane systems, load chains, individual lifting solutions and more.

The best service for premium lifting solutions for every industry

Kito Europe GmbH based in Düsseldorf, Germany, has been a successful subsidiary of KITO CORPORATION since 2006. The distribution of KITO products in Europe is controlled from there, also manual and electric chain hoists which were produced in Japan are assembled in the warehouse and then delivered to crane builders, hoist dealers, crane service providers or plant manufacturers. Through the strong network of competent and qualified retailers, the products are sold in almost all European and CIS countries. KITO lifting solutions are used in almost every kind of industry.

KITO offers a comprehensive range of lifting solutions all over Europe. The KITO Group in Europe not only distributes KITO hoists, but rather the wide range of all European brands. The group’s superpowers are customized solutions for load handling and material flow for every industry – like automotive, foundries, overhead power line construction, steel work, food, pharmaceutical industry and offshore.

Customer advantage: the power of the KITO Group in Europe

KITO ERIKKILA from Finland provides comprehensive light crane systems, industrial workplace systems and jib cranes. Kito Chain Italia manufactures high-strength sling chains and accessories such as hooks, connecting links and suspension links with the brand name “KITO Weissenfels“. KITO VAN LEUSDEN in the Netherlands is a specialized manufacturer of high quality engineered hoisting solutions such as custom-made cranes and trolleys for offshore and marine industry.

From simple to subtle: every customer request will be handled safely!

Whether it’s a simple product order or a well-thought-out crane concept – the best lifting solution will be worked out together with the customer depending on the requirements. However, special designed manual or electric chain hoists will be provided with tailored load capacity, lifting height and chain length; or even customized hoists with special paintings, individual chain containers, safety hooks and other extra components.

KITO products are Japanese perfection; meaning that they do not only comply with the minimum safety requirements but that they even exceed the safety requirements many times. All KITO products are precisely developed, checked several times during the manufacturing process, and are subject to most stringent quality controls. KITO products are unbeatable where the use of the hoist is extremely difficult and where products are pushed to their limits. In such extreme situations, the exceptional quality and durability of the products becomes evident. In areas with extremely high safety requirements, KITO products are preferred – for example in overhead power line construction.

Unique in the world: electroless nickel-plated load chain

Talking about safety… KITO is the only manufacturer worldwide producing nickel-plated chains. Advantages of this are a higher corrosion resistance and less wear compared to conventional load chains.

In addition, selected products like the KITO CX hand chain block made of aluminum are DGUV-GS certificated by German Social Accident Insurance “DGUV” (Tested Safety). The current flagship product in this context is the KITO LB lever hoist with up to 9,000 kg load capacity. Due to its robust design (sheet steel housing) and its ergonomic lever it is used at overhead power line construction for heavy pulling, lifting and tensioning purposes. Loads of up to 9,000 kg can be lifted easily while guaranteeing full safety of the operator. The original KITO freewheel function and the high-performance mechanical brake protect the user from unintentional freewheeling under load.

Looking at electric chain hoists, the KITO EQ with a load capacity of up to 1,000 kg offers many advantages. In series, it is equipped with the outstanding load chain and a frequency inverter for precise load positioning. Less wear and higher productivity are guaranteed. The lifting speed increases 1.3 times at up to 30% of the nominated load, which ensures efficient work in the partial load range. The KITO EQ family includes also the single-phased KITO EQS electric chain hoist with a 220 to 240 V power supply. EQ electric chain hoists are the perfect addition to KITO ERIKKILA light crane systems, KITO VAN LEUSDEN’s special applications and they are the perfect powertool for KITO Weissenfels’ sling chains.

More about the KITO Group in Europe and all KITO products:

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