The KITO DemoVan is equipped with all subcomponents of our whole product portfolio. From LX to LB, from ED to ER2M and from CX to CB ATEX is everything on board what the industry requires. The advantage of this Van is that it enables you to conduct product demonstrations and to show product differentiation features by using KITO sample products. Thus our customers will get the chance to have an overview into technical features, handling and selling features of the KITO hoists.

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A mobile showroom is the perfect way to show large, heavy products like ER2 and EQ products to users who need to see more than just pictures in a catalogue or on a website. And when the hoists are operated, the real value of KITO can be seen, felt and heard. The DemoVan even features a load testing machine with load cell to show how products like KITO´s LB008 with OLL slip clutch operate under full load conditions.


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