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Special wishes? You’re welcome! KITO’s specialty are high and low challenges

Low lifting processes are not easy. In many production facilities there are areas with a low ceiling where high load capacities have to be handled. Because the factory was redesigned, machines modernized or processes rediscovered. KITO EUROPE has recently fulfilled this special task for a pharmaceutical customer.

To make the most out of minimal space, KITO SHER2M electric chain hoist (Short Headroom ER2 Motorized Trolley Type) is the best choice. The special feature of this device is the efficient processing of the robust KITO ER2 electric chain hoist. Thanks to the low headroom chain guide the optimized hook dimensions enables the crane operator to lift the load up right below the girder. This is also applied when designing the customized hoist for the pharmaceutical industry: the KITO SHER2M is fixed at a profile monorail track and is meant to lift the lid of a barrel-shaped production plant. The special headroom design causes that the lifting height can be used as effectively as possible, while capacities of up to 500 kg can be carried.

Industrial Lifting S.A. from Belgium helped to fulfill all special wishes from the client to create a hoist that is in line with pharma regulations: hook, chain, chain guide, guide rollers, fasteners and screws of the chain hoist body were made of stainless steel. Just like the wheels of the running gear. The housing of the TSP gear as well as the bracket, the shafts and the adjusting rings were nickel-plated. To guarantee full pharmaceutical safety, the entire hoist was covered with a 200μm thick epoxy paint. KITO EUROPE always fulfills all special wishes which are important for a long-term and safe application.

The SHER2M electric chain hoist with low headroom is often used in the food industry, too. For this kind of application, KITO has developed the so-called “Food Grade” hoists. Only food-safe coatings and other specifics for high reliability and safe usage are components of these models.

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