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Busy colleagues: Customized manipulators simplify daily industrial work

Manipulators are intelligent “little” helpers in the hoist sector. They are tailor-made crane systems that relieve workers of physical labour – helping them grab, move and position heavy materials. A manipulator is designed to do different movements while handling loads outside its center of gravity. Complicated assembly works and lifting processes can be done easily using manipulators. These workstation systems are able to carry more weights than an employee – and they can also be easily piloted to all hard-to-reach places.

Company Purtec from Königswartha in Germany uses (amongst others) lifting equipment from KITO EUROPE when assembling its manipulators. Each manipulator is designed with a mounting plate, a column with pivot bearing, a pivoting boom and a lifting unit – e.g. a KITO electric chain hoist. This structure is used for every type of manipulator, like fixed columns, mobile rail systems or hanging systems.

Purtec hanging systems are named HMK-K or H174 and work with KITO electric chain hoists from the ED series. The compact mini hoist runs single-phased at 230 volts and carries loads from 60 to 240 kg easily up and down, so the load hook is used for various grabbing scenes. Due to the low height, the KITO hoist fits perfectly into the design of the articulated-jib manipulator with low-platform truck.

At wall systems, like the wall console Purtec WMK-K with articulated arm, the KITO ED is used as electric chain hoist above the articulated joint. Alternatively, the KITO EDC electric chain hoist as single-phase version with 230 volts can be used, like it is done also for column systems SKK-K or SSK-K. This KITO device is additionally equipped with a cylindrical handgrip control unit with potentiometer for adjusting the lifting speed.

For Purtec SMK-K column system with articulated-jib and hoist above the articulated joint, the tough KITO EQ electric chain hoist (three-phased, 400 volts) can be a choice. Thanks to the integrated frequency inverter, it achieves precise placement of the load and very smooth running. It is also equipped with upper and lower limit switches, thermal overload protection and a counter for operating hours and load cycles. Load capacities from 125 kg up to 1,000 kg can cover a wide range of applications.

As you see, there are so many different combinations of customized manipulator systems. See more examples on

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