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A perfect combination!

Production at Kässbohrer is a prime example of the teamwork of KITO chain hoists and ERIKKILA crane systems.

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is a leading manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles – the entire production hall in Laupheim, Germany, is designed for the construction of “PistenBully”. This is the brand name for different vehicles for international ski slopes, which are made there. In April 2016, Kässbohrer decided to upgrade its factory building and to equip the whole plant with a high-level lifting and transport system by Finnish crane specialist ERIKKILA. Within nine months, a new production line with a revised workflow was created. KITO ER2 electric chain hoist completes the ERIKKILA crane systems, so there are easy-going workstations for the assembly of “PistenBully” snow groomers.

In the past, jerky handling disrupted the assembly of snow groomers, but today the technicians can work much more safely, efficiently and precisely. The frequency inverter of the KITO electric chain hoist ensures smooth lifting processes and precise placement. Even if the hoist should ever hit something, you will see nothing on the stable aluminum die-cast housing. At Kässbohrer, the ER2 electric chain hoist carries loads up to 750 kg – with minimal load swing! Due to radio remote control, crane bridge and chain hoist can be controlled together easily, e.g. to set the chassis in the right position. While the latest technology is used, safety is not ignored at all.

The KITO hoist is fully equipped with overload protection (carbon friction clutch), an electromagnetic brake and nickel-plated load chain grade T, series DAT (G 80) in accordance with EN 818-7 standard.

Kässbohrer has thus chosen the perfect solution from a single source. After KITO acquired light crane manufacturer ERIKILLA in January 2018, more and more joint projects are being implemented. All KITO hoists – not only the ER2 electric chain hoist – complete ERIKKILA cranes in terms of quality, safety and easy operation.

Press contact: Minna Freyberg,

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