For shorter travel distances & higher loads

TSG geared trolley

TSG geared trolley

The reliability, smoothness and safety of your hoist depends on the undercarriage. Heat-treated steel wheels, sealed bearings and a low turning radius are just some of the advantages of KITO’s reel undercarriage.
  • Smooth operation
  • Particularly suitable for applications with shorter travel distances that require even more precise load control
  • Easy mounting by means of chassis bolts and spacers

01. Everywhere in use​

KITO’s TSG reel trolleys are perfect for moving a load when no electric drive is required or available. They can be combined with almost all KITO hoists.
  • Metal construction
  • Shipyards
  • Maintenance
  • Construction sites & assemblies
  • Bridge construction
  • Overhead power line construction and much more

02. Designed for you​

Steel side plates
Rubust & durable
Stamped steel side plates
The TSG landing gear has been specially designed to be lighter and easier to install. They are robust and durable without being unnecessarily heavy and bulky.
Wagon wheels & ball bearings
Reliable & flexible
Suitable for conical or flat flanged beams
The TSG reel trolley wheels are adjustable for both tapered and flat beams, so existing equipment can be used without adjustments. Lubricated-for-life ball bearings also increase reliability and ensure smooth operation while moving a load.

03. Technical data​

125 kg to 30,000 kg
Dead weight
12 kg (TSG001 - TSG005)
Rubber buffers & various connectors
Environmental conditions
-20 °C to +60 °C
Sturdy, lightweight & compact design
Adjustable flange width to suit a wide range of beam flange widths
Can be used on beams with inclined or parallel flanges up to and including 5,000 kg.
Hand chain
3 m (folded)

04. Digital support​


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TSG geared trolley
TSG geared trolley
Supplementary operating instructions TSG 7.5 t - 30 t

Technical drawings​